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All About Hacienda Heights

Hacienda Heights, California

Hacienda Heights


2017 Hacienda Heights Connection - More Informaion- current issue
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Hacienda Heights is located just under 19 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. Our neighboring cities are: Avocado Heights, City of Industry and La Puente- to the North; Whittier on the West; Whittier and La Habra- South; and Rowland Heights on the East. Data from our last census (2010) reveals that we are just over 54 thousand strong.

Because we are actively involved with preserving our precious hillsides, we have an acceptable level of hilltop housing. Some of us can look out to the valley, while others of us can look to the beautiful vistas. We also enjoy easy access to hiking trails that meander the La Puente Hills, for exercise and for visual pleasure. We are surrounded by many species of trees and some wildlife.

We are not fully developed, however we are not lost in search of identity, culture or belief. We have a history, we have a heritage, we have belief and we each are proud of our heritage, and are actively perusing our beliefs (or non-belief.) No one culture, belief system, or erected structure defines us. This is the U.S.A. and our community reflects this.

We are thankful to those who came before us for their contributions to the community that we call home, and we join those who are laboring today to maintain, build, and better our community.


The early history of Hacienda Heights is shared with the cities that surround it. This is evident by streets, structures, and cities with names like Rowland, Workman, Temple and Puente (and many other.) Over the years since 1841, the original La Puente Rancho has been divided and subdivided, and has changed uses and ownership. Each city within the original La Puente Rancho has a shared past, and its own development history. We are fortunate to have two very local organizations that are keeping stories, documents, books, photographs, artifacts and even original structures preserved for your enjoyment, research, and curiosity. They are the Workman and Temple Family Homestead Museum and the La Puente Valley Historical SocietyOur Library also has a nice selection of early materials. More Information


We are an unincorporated community of Los Angeles County. This means that we do not have our own City Hall, Police or Fire Departments, and that we do not have full say as to our direction, like actual Cities do. We are not ignored though; We have a county representative- Field Deputy, that keeps an open door for us to communicate with the county. We also have an organization called, The Hacienda Heights Improvement Association (HHIA) that is responsible for communicating our community needs, wants, and desires to the county. More Information

County Services

News / Information

One way the county of Los Angeles communicates with us is through an annually mailed publication called Hacienda Heights Connection. Also, the county (through the Deputy Office) maintains the electronic sign located in the middle of Hacienda Blvd.- slightly south of Halliburton Road. County materials are made available at the Hacienda Heights Improvement Association (HHIA) meetings (see above), and at free seasonal community events like evening concerts at our local parks. And Finally through the U.S. mail system. More Information

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Fire in La Habra. With South to North evening winds is Hacienda Heights threatened with fire? Hopefully not...5/5/2017 7:45pm fire is OUT! Great work Fire Dept. and Thank You!

If you are contacted by phone by someone introducing themselves as Microsoft Technical Support, Short answer: Hang Up!
They will tell you that this is urgent and that you need to follow their instuctions to "Fix the problem", they may even threaten to cancel your Windows License" if you don't follow their instructions. Don't do anything they say. To do so would be like a child following the directions from a stranger at your home door on how to unlock the door for them, don't do it. And tell everyone around you to NOT do anything a stranger on the phone asks you to do. Of course IF YOU call 911, do everything they ask you to do ;)

Microsofts responce to this type of scam: Here
UK PC Advisor: Here

Notable events, alerts, or items that may be of interest:

Hacienda Heights 2016 "I Love America" parade- 10 min. version :)

In light of one of our very own teachers (Los Altos High School) having been convicted of this crime- not the first but hopefully the last (reference...):

How do child molesters get into situations where they can exploit children?
Few child molesters are able to resist their powerful urges to initiate contact with children and will go to great lengths to do so. Common strategies included

  1. Befriending parents, particularly single parents, to gain access to their children.
  2. Offering babysitting services to overextended parents or caregivers.
  3. Taking jobs and participating in community events that involve children.
  4. Attending sporting events for children and/or offering to coach children's sports.
  5. Volunteering in youth organizations, offering to chaperone overnight trips.
  6. Loitering in places children frequent - playgrounds, malls, game arcades, etc.
  7. Spending time in Internet gaming and social communities, learning the online interests and lingo of youngsters.
  8.  Becoming foster parents.

Excerpt from Child Lures Prevention- More Information

West Nile Virus - More Information

Parks and Recreation Park Needs Assessment Website!


Evidently Southern California Edison is installing new equipment onto their meters. The word is, that we have been notified of the installation in the Service Bill envelope and that that was a long while ago, so be informed…More Information

Just wanted to pass some information on regarding suspect descriptions involved in daytime residential burglaries out in Hacienda Heights.

  • Earlier in the month, there was a burglary involving 2 male blacks. One was approximately 6'00" - 6'03", 170lbs, 20-25 years old and the second was 5'08" - 5'10", 180 lbs., 20-25 years old. They were driving a Grey Toyota Camry. This occurred in the 2000 BLK of Punta Del Este.
  • Yesterday, there was an attempt burglary on Country Canyon Rd. A female driver with two other males unknown race were seen driving a large Black Ford 4x4.

Thanks, Deputy Brian Sanford- Industry Station.

Link to Coyotes Article

Warning! "Coyote Sightings" Protect your pets! Call (626) 575-5462
More information

Military Banner Program. For more information call: (909) 594-6561

More Information

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Los Angeles County annual "Hacienda Heights Connection" publication:

Community of Hacienda Heights on Facebook: More Information
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  • The Puente Hills Landfill Closure: The Habitat Authority Will Continue On: More Information

La Puente Valley Historical Society
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